Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


Please check the venue for the event. Most of the high school events don’t charge for parking. Most of the arena venues may or may not charge. Please check our event site for detailed parking information.


All of our events will have a food area. These areas are provided by either the high schools or the arena venue. US Cheer Productions doesn’t set any pricing or have any direct dealing with the food. All of the venues DON’T ALLOW food products to be brought into the venues or the high schools.


US Cheer Productions will sell many different items of merchandise. We will offer pre-ordered t-shirts to the gyms and schools only. These t-shirts can only be ordered through the gyms or schools at this time. We will offer a limited amount of event t-shirts and event apparel at each event.


US Cheer Productions will have a professional photo company taking pictures and selling photos for these events.

Competition Schedule

A full competition schedule will be released to all coaches ten days before the event. We don’t post the competition schedule online.


US Cheer Productions takes many months to plan all the events. We don’t cancel any events due to weather. We will have the event regardless of the weather. Please make travel plans accordingly so that you can get to the event on time. We don’t change performance times due to weather related problems. We will only change performance times due to injury. We also will not give ANY refunds due to weather related problems.


Please be kind to all teams at each event. We understand that many spectators love those noisemakers but please no blow horns or sirens. Our staff reserves the right to ask you politely to please not use these noise makers. Please contact our office if you have any questions on what is allow.


US Cheer Productions always has an on-site trainer at all events. Our trainer will not provide tape for athletes. Our trainer will only provide medical attention. Depending on the size of the event we will provide as many trainers as needed to help our spectators and athletes at all times. Safety is our biggest concern for all involved in our events.


All of our athletes will be given awards based upon the divisions. We will offer many special awards at each event.


US Cheer Productions will have a professional DJ company at all of our events. Please bring two cds and a back-up for our DJ. You may test all music before the competition starts. Once the competition starts you will not be able to test any music.


Please don’t have the participants apply any glitter in the facility at any time. Your team may wear glitter but this needs to be done before you enter the event.


US Cheer Productions will send you a rough draft of the event schedule ten days before the competition. The final schedule will be sent seven days before. This schedule will be FINAL seven days before. We will not change any times during the competition unless we have an injury or our staff has made a mistake. Changing the schedule after the final schedule is out will result in a $250 charge. Registration times will be sent in the coach’s packet ten days before each event. Each coach will receive a proper check in time for the competition prior to the event.

On-Line Registration

Our company offers online registration for all events. We even offer payment online with a secure online site. We accept all major credit cards.

Mail-In Registration

Please see our section on mail-in registration. This will give you all of the information that you need to know. Please call our office at 1-800-391-7680 with any questions at anytime.

Registration Payments

We only accept Credit Cards for registration payments.


Crossovers are cheerleaders or dancers that compete on more than one team from the same gym/school and at the same event. The “crossover” fees don’t apply to a participant who is on a school team and an all-star team or a team in a specialty division. All crossovers must pay the full registration fee for the first team and will pay the additional discounted “crossover” fees for each additional team that they are on.

Coaches Fees

All coaches are free to every event!

Event Themes

Each event will have a theme. Please feel free to have your parents dress according to the theme. We will be giving out that special award to the most spirited program at each event.

Hotel Information

US Cheer Productions doesn’t have a certain hotel for each venue. The only venue that we have a special host rate is the Beach Party Championships at Kalahari. Please sign up for these rates for the hotel. At the rates they are giving us these hotel rooms go very fast. Please see the event information on Kalahari. Our company doesn’t book hotel rooms you must call Kalahari directly.


Our company uses the most professional judges in the industry. We have a judge for each area on the score sheet. We also have a safety judge at all of our events that focuses on deductions. Depending on the competition size we will panel are judges so that the competition runs seamless and on-time.

Score Sheets

Please see our website with the section on score sheets. Please call our office with any questions.

Office Hours

Monday – Friday 9am to 6pm (After hours leave a message and our staff will return your call within 1 business day) Saturday/Sunday 9am to 5pm Please leave a voicemail and somebody from our staff will get back with you the same business day during office hours.

Event Waivers and Rosters

Please see our section on event waivers and roster forms. Each individual must turn in an event waiver form. Each team must also turn in a team roster for each event they attend. This is to ensure that we have all the correct waivers for each event.


US Cheer Productions will have vendors at our events. If you know someone who has a business or is interested in becoming a vendor please have them fill out a vendor form and send it in.

Company Information

US Cheer Productions
PO Box 451 Hinckley, OH 44233
Phone/ Fax 1-216-978-6951


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